Unwanted body hair can be removed quickly and effectively with a very popular method used in which warm wax and a cloth are applied to the skin's surface and lifted off quickly followed by a moisturizer. Our wax is formulated for sensitive skin.




The individual eyelash extension is applied onto your existing lashes with special bonding agents (glue) to create noticeable extra length and volume. Get your eyebrows waxed to compliment the wide-opened, big-eyes look. Eyelash Extensions gives length and thickness to your natural eyelashes which enhances the appeal of your eyes.


Eyebrows 10
Chin 8
Upper Lips 8
Face (Eyebrows not included) 20
Underarms 15
Full Arms 25
Thighs 28
Full Legs 40
Half Legs 25
Bikini Line 15 +
Brazilian 40
Back 25
Chest 30
Stomach 10
Miscencil Eyelash Extensions 125
Eyelash Fill 55 +
Eyebrow Tint 15
Eyelash Tint 20
Prices subject to change without notice.